Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Months Old!

What a beautiful Sunday! It was very hot, so Avery cooled off in the pool at Nana and Pappy's. We went to the public pool on Friday, she is fearless!!! She got in an waded around. She even put her face in the water a couple of times. Made mama very nervous.
Today our Avery is 15 months old. This time last year, we were mailing paperwork to TECO and then on to Taiwan. Time has gone by even faster since we've become a forever family. Avery has 9 teeth and 3 almost through. She says "bye bye" "uh-oh" "mama" "dada" "bubble" "papaw" and "bob/pop". We read a toddler devotional every night, and Avery is the one who always wants to read from it, she goes and gets it without being asked. She loves books, examining leaves and rocks, and balloons. She "talks" a lot now, she did on the way home tonight non-stop for 15 minutes (I'd love to know what she is saying!). Avery also folds her hands when we "talk to Jesus" and knows the sign language motion for Jesus too. We had a "bye bye bottle" party the other night - she now drinks from only sippy cups. Before I became a mother, I only thought I knew what love for a child would be like. Now that she's here in my arms, the love exceeds every thought I ever had. Many times I ask myself how did I get so lucky to have such wonderful husband, daughter, family, job, home, dog...LIFE. God has truly blessed me, and at times I feel undeserving. We are all sinners, and Jesus died for us. I guess I get a glimpse of how God feels toward us, His children, every time I see our Avery. Thank you God!!!!