Monday, August 10, 2009


There is a commerical on TV advertising Dell Computers. It takes place in a "candy" factory with brightly colored laptops coming on the line. The song is the oldie, "Lollipop". Everytime that commerical is on, Avery stops what she is doing and dances and watches. Nana and Pappy had the song on CD and we listened to it tonight. Avery then decided to make the "pop" sound by watching us put our index finger in our mouth and "pop". She cracks herself up. Here are pictures of her "popping". She is such a fun girl, the other day she was awake in her crib and I peeked in on her. There she was sitting there holding her bear like a baby and patting it's back while "talking" to it.
We also have worked with her on "talking to Jesus" aka praying. She folds her hands together but sometimes scowls, we tell her "Jesus hears us even when we scowl!".
Have I said how blessed we are? Wow, she is such a joy!