Monday, December 22, 2008

Up, Up and Away!

Our little girl is a crawling machine. About a week ago I went into the kitchen, came back out and she was sitting up, plain as day. I didn't "count" it because I didn't officially see it. So I waited while Nana Rapp, Grandpa Rapp and Daddy each at different times saw her sit on her own. Finally last night she gave me a performace of sitting on her own 3 times - so now it's official. She also started pulling herself up in her crib (yes, we lowered the mattress). Tonight she grabbed hold of the side of the couch and up she went (one handed even).

Okay, this picture I helped her stand, but she stood there for a couple of seconds when I wasn't holding on! Wow!

Go Colts - sorry Daddy, we know you love the Bears!