Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Sleeper!

This was the 2nd night Avery stayed with us and she slept GREAT (7:45 to 7:30) Pray that she'll do this good on the plane ride. Yesterday we went to a National Park, Tarodo. Beautiful, but Avery stayed at the home, it would have been to long of day for her. We have Dan's luggage, praise the Lord. We are tired and mom is not feeling well due to the different foods. She's doing better today. Avery is such a happy girl. The memory card reader isn't working today, so I'll try to upload pictures before we leave, if not, sorry! I'll make up for it. We have been having fashion shows with Avery, since we over bought clothes when we just found out about Avery. She is a trooper. We are so excited to come home. All of the paperwork is completed. Thanks for your prayers. We hope to be home MOnday night.
Love you all!