Thursday, April 1, 2010

Big Girl Bed and New Pic of Blake!

What a beautiful April 1st (no foolin'!). Avery has gone almost 2 weeks with only one accident! Potty training, check. Next attempt, switch out crib to a toddler bed. Here is daddy explaining to come wake up mommy and daddy in the morning,

Then Avery learned to slide out of the bed by holding on

After she mastered that, Benny decided to try it out too.

She has done so well with both potty traning and sleeping in her "big girl bed". We are so proud of her! We received a new update on Blake today too! He is "a passive baby, except when hungry". he has been smiling more, and is a flirt! He is growing in lenght too. They tell us he is a happy baby! It has been a little over a month, and we are at a standstill until more help comes in Taiwan. Four families will be with their children this week, so we hope that our paperwork can be started then. We know he is in excellent hands until we get to hold him in our arms!
Our bedroom/bath addition is almost done! Our furniture should be here tomorrow, so we could spend our first night in our new bedroom tomorrow night! Dan is excited to be done (so am I!). Then we are going to start Blake's room!!!! Happy Easter!