Saturday, April 24, 2010

American Girl Place!!!!

What a great weekend! A girlfriend of mine invited Avery and I to tag along with her little girl (Avery's age) and sister and niece (1 year old) to AMERICAN GIRL PLACE in Chicago! What a great time! We had "brunch" at the cafe and Avery's bitty baby sat right beside her. We even had flowerpot with mousse in it for dessert! A little info on the American Girl Place experience: It follows different girls throughout American history. Each doll has different accessories and interesting stories. The theme of all is for girls to be confident and respectful. Then there are "bitty babies" and "bitty twins", all with accessories too. Avery has the Asian bitty baby. I did break down at Christmas and get her a matching nightgown. I was on a mission to buy bitty twins (mixed and matched, one blonde and one asian), but they were out of the Asian bitty twin. Bummer! I did break down and buy doll and Avery matching t-shirts. This store is amazing! There was a doll hospital, hair salon (for your doll), design a tshirt for you doll, photo studio, and so much more! You can even buy different outfits that match the girl and doll. However, you could easily spend a small fortune in this store, so I am very thankful that Avery is still in the stuffed animal phase for right now! She loved it though, we will be back!!!!