Monday, March 8, 2010

New Pics of Blake!

We received new pics and update of Blake last night. He is crying less, loves to snuggle, and started "cooing" a couple of days ago. We spoke with the directors granddaughters, they were so nice! We sent over a police outfit with the number 24 on it (Dan's number is 124), that we had purchased 4 years ago when we were trying to start a family. It is amazing how God works! The other picture is of Blake holding the puppy and our photo album that we sent over. We can't wait to hold and kiss him! We are going to Indy later in the month for fingerprinting to make Blake a US citizen when we arrive back in the states. We are going to the children's museum and have some family fun (giving Dan a break from working on the all most finished house!)
Here are pics of Avery, she is growing so much, and she is talking so much! The other day we read a book with giraffes in it, then at supper she was taking a bite out of her roll and said "look mommy, 'iraffe". This kid did that all on her own, what an imagination! I'm a little slow on blogging, so here is her Valentines dress, and a pic of her and Bentley cuddling on the couch watching "Happy Feet".