Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Part 1

Avery had her first "attempt" at coloring Easter eggs. Nana actually colored them, while Avery played with with plastic ones. She is such a blessing! We are learning sign language now, she knows "milk" and "more". "BA" is her only sound still, which we know she loves the Beach Boys and will sing to "Barbara Ann" (Ba Ba Ba Ba Barb Barbara Ann). She loves books, and reading. She likes the touch and feel books and the books that count down with 3-D shapes (8 silly monkeys, Good night Sweet Butterflies, etc). She is almost walking on her own, she can walk holding onto 1 hand. She doesn't like to sit in a swing, but she's getting better. Happy Easter, we'll post pictures of her Easter outfit later!

On another note, Bentley had a friend over for a couple of days. He annoyed her to death and she was more comfy on the couch or chair. So it looks like this house is a one dog show.