Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teethin' Time

Avery snuggling with a blanket made by Great-Grandma Maxine

The past couple of days, poor Miss Avery hasn't been herself. She has some teeth working their way in, and boy, she has the snot a'runnin'. She'll be giggly one minute and screaming the next ("typical woman" Dan says!). She has been saying "Baa" alot, we don't know if its for "Book" "Bottle" "Benny" or "Bad Dog". She can click her tongue and still smacks her lips. She waved "bye bye" last night for the first time, but hasn't done it since. Nana Rapp taught her to high five.

Bentley is part Meerkat

Avery checking out books at her library

Avery practicing on her new walker, she's only taking a couple steps at a time.