Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Getaway Weekend

Dan had a mystery trip planned for us, and I had no clue what we were doing (he didn't even tell me about it until 4 hours before we left!). We went to Serenity Springs in Michigan City. We had our own cabin with a whirlpool tub, loft, fire pit. We got there and they took us to our cabin by horse drawn sled. There were no phones, and our cabin was stocked with our favorite pop and snacks. It even had a "butler door". How it works, if we need anything, we write a note and place it in there, flip a switch, and someone will pick it up. They flip a red light that let's us know they left goodies for us. We had movies brought to us, stuff for s'mores, cheesecake, cookies, then muffins and fruit for breakfsast. We had steak dinners delivered to us too. Wow, Danny did good! We even had corn to feed the birds, we had a total of about 80 geese and ducks fighting for it right outside our deck. Then today, Dan even took me to the Outlet mall. I found a lot of cute outfits and books for Avery, nothing for me though! Avery stayed with Grandma and Grandpa R. for the whole night, they had a great time, we sure missed her (and Bentley too).