Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year

Bloggers Unite! Here are some of the stars of "The Fleck Flick" "Awaiting Avery" and "Journey to Malia", it's a race to see who posts the pictures first!

The lovely cupcakes Tonya will never do again, yet they were so cute and creative, thanks Tonya!

Avery and her best bud, Braylen

Yes, we know it was last week, but we had such a great time celebrating the Year of the Ox with other couples who are in the process of or adopted from China and Taiwan.
We had yummy Chinese food, such a great time! It was so neat following the blogs, some for over a year, and getting the girls together, we can't wait until Chole gets here!

We played "Pin the Tail on the Ox", the kids opened Red Envelopes - a Chinese tradition.