Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Have Her!!!

After a LONG plane ride, we were met at Taipei by the director (Avery was at the orphanage sleeping since it was so late). This morning he came to our apartment, and there she was!!! She went right to us, and Dan can make her laugh so easily. We went for a walk, now Grandma Rapp is rocking her to sleep. I don't know how to upload photos, so when we get back I'll make up for it. Today we went to tea fields and a Buddhst temple (creepy). It has been a great day, she is a happy baby. We have an appointment at AIT tomorrow. On a side note, I miscounted how many suitcases to account for when we left Taipei. Northwest still has Dan's suitcase (all of his clothes are in it) Luckily we'll get it back Friday morning. We heard Obama won the election. Pray hard.
I'll try to post more later. Kim, Kaley is doing amazing, we fed her and she loves to laugh. I'll get you the pictures when we get back. Carmen, AWESOME!!
Thanks for your prayers. Avery can't wait to meet Grandpa Rapp, Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah, and cousins Cody and Zoey. Great grandparents, prepare to spoil!!!