Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nursery accessories...

Dan got this for me the day we got the call about Avery. Her name "Shr-Pyan" means Book of Psalms, he just had to get it. Also why we chose brown and pink as the nursery colors. I found this onsie almost 2 years ago, hopefully it will still fit her when we go to her!

I found this sign at Target, it is apporpriate, because it has "adopt" and "patience" - don't you think?

As of now, we are still waiting to hear about a court date. It's been almost 3 weeks (usually it takes 2 weeks). Then they will apply for a court date which could be 6 weeks from then. I am getting impatient, but our process has gone faster than most, so I can wait longer (I guess). God has this plan for all of us, I know it will be awesome!