Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gifts from Grandma

My mom has been working on a "secret project" for the past month. She had a bookcase and put it together. She wanted to paint it pink (it was shiny white), and had a heck of a time putting the paint on (she ended up sanding, priming, and touching up alot!). Tonight, my parents came over and I was banned from Avery's room for 20 minutes. This is what I saw when I walked in:

She is a retired school teacher, and this is her 1st grandchild. So as you can see, she is pretty excited. I grew up loving to read, and the books will be great for Avery (she's stocked for a while!). Some of the books even have stuffed animals to go along with the story! I don't know if you consider this spoiling.....