Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Adoption Timeline

Dan and I experienced 2 1/2 years of infertility (I have PCOS) and 1 miscarriage May 18th, 2007. We began our adoption journey by having some friends over for dinner to answer questions April 1st, 2008. They have adopted 2 daughters, one from where we are adopting.
April 2nd - Emailed application to our agency
May 19th - Called our agency to check up, spoke with the head of the agency, he sounded
discouraged, and I was going to contact another agency on my lunch hour tomorrow.
May 20th - Our agency contacted our references, we were very surprised, after the
conversation we had the night before. We received 6 emails from our agency in 1 week, asking us to check on our references.
May 29th - All references are in. We scheduled our homestudy.
June 2nd - Dan received a call at home, our agency asking if we would be interested in a baby
girl! Of course he said YES! He called me at work and asked me the same question- I cried tears of joy, called the grandmas! We celebrated that night with dinner and a party! Tsai Shr-Pyan "Book of Psalms" was born May 16th, 2008 (2 days shy of 1 year from my miscarriage - GOD IS SO GOOD, I had prayed that He would make me a mommy before the year mark).
June 3rd - Received 1st pictures of our daughter - she's beautiful!
June 5th - Homestudy appointment in Indy. Got our fingerprints completed and background
checks. Busy day!
June 6th - Meg's physical
June 8th - Filled out I 600 A form (needed for Avery's visa)
June 10th - Dan's physical. Homestudy visit at our house.
June 13th - 22nd - Much needed cruise vacation - away from paperwork!
June 24th - Completed 10 hours of online Hague Treaty classes (a requirement for homestudy)
June 30th - Meg had to have fingerprints done again, 1st were smudged. Adoption dinner at
a friends house with 2 other couples adopting from China. A great pick-us-up!
July 2nd - New pictures and update on Avery. Cries alot, good eater, loves to cuddle!
July 7th - Homestudy completed, made revisions.
July 16th - Homestudy 100% completed, copies mailed to Taiwan to be translated.
July 20th - Painted Avery's room pink and brown (with the help of Grandpa and Grandma)
July 25th - Power of Attorney faxed to Taiwan, ready to be translated.
July 30th - ASC for CIS fingerprints, Homeland Security.
August 3rd - New pictures of Avery, she's filling out, beautiful baby girl!
August 4th - Translated paperwork is on the way back to us to be notorized and sealed.
August 5th - Received paperwork from Taiwan, they receieved our care package with 18 outfits, a talking picture frame with our voices, a teething photo album, a teddy bear, and a blanket.
August 9th - CIS sent paperwork -fingerprints came back good!
August 11th - Went to Indy for Secretary of State seals on paperwork, went to Fed/Ex and
mailed to TECO in Chicago.

August 14th - Paperwork back from TECO, mailed to Taiwan to our agency.
August 18th - They received our paperwork.
August 19th - Paperwork in Taiwan courts, applied for a court date.
August 29th - New photos of Avery, she's growing! Latest update, she loves playing with her toes and has the cutest laugh. We can't wait to hear it!

September 24th - Court date
October 3rd - 1st paperwork back from court, prepare to travel in 2-3 weeks!
October 30th - 2nd paper back from court, ready to travel! Praise the Lord!
November 3rd - Leave for Taiwan!
November 6th - Gotcha Day!
November 10th - Home from Taiwan.